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If you’re a smart, savvy action-taker,
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If you’re in the Network Marketing industry, but not succeeding the way you want to, you might be:

  • Dead-ass broke, feeling rejected, burned, scammed, and skeptical

  • Stressed, and worried about your financial future

  • Sick and tired of chasing after friends and family to join your company

  • Frustrated – you know the potential to make a great living is there – but you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, or WHY you’re not realizing the success you envision for yourself

  • Feeling hopeless – lost – and unsure of the steps you need to take to build a rewarding, successful business

Take a deep breath – because you are in EXACTLY the right place!
The truth is, the Network Marketing Industry is in trouble. (And you’re right in the center of it, aren’t you?)

Most distributors don’t know the first thing about the actual business of making a living AND an impact. They don’t know how to effectively attract, convert, and retain clients who genuinely want or need their products or services. So they struggle along, alone … barely making a living or turning a profit – if they’re turning one at all.


Yet, many of them aggressively promote their company as a “business opportunity” – talking it up (and adding sequins and feathers) to anyone with a pulse.

Despite the high hopes of most people who enter the MLM industry, less than 0.1% ever earn more than $400 a month. You read that correctly: 0.1%.

BUT there must be a bright side, right?


And this is where Passion for the Impossible comes in: We’re on a mission to help you become one of the ultra-successful – to achieve your biggest, most passionate dreams – by attracting and helping others achieve a lifestyle of freedom and profitability.

Imagine: NO MORE pestering friends and family or chasing dead-beat prospects, only to get rejected…

Building a REAL business, and becoming a top earner in the industry….

Imagine FINALLY Living Among the 3% of Reps
Who Are Actually MAKING IT and
Making It BIG!


You can – and I’m here to tell you how.

I’m Suzanna Abbott, a small-town girl from Astoria, Oregon.

I made it big (really BIG) in the Big Apple’s fashion industry in the late 80s. In fact, in one staggering month, Suzan Abbott, Inc. sold $100,000 in one store with just one product! From the 90s up through the turn of the century, I owned and operated a lucrative health and wellness spa, guiding people to live healthier lifestyles. It was then that I moved to the country and enjoyed a more peaceful lifestyle. Life was good!


But, in 2008, the fear and heartbreak caused by a broken economy came knocking at my door, just as it did for millions of other Americans.

My spa business went downhill, fast. I panicked, and began looking for gainful employment… but I couldn’t get a job to save my life.

Eventually, I found myself sitting in the welfare office filling out forms for food stamps, and asking for an allowance so that I could heat my luxurious 2,000-square-foot house in the dead of winter.


But then – I discovered my salvation – Network Marketing.

Yes, I’ve heard the criticism of Network Marketing, but I’m here to tell you that it not only works – it works BEAUTIFULLY – for those who understand its ability to multiply a team’s efforts toward success. This powerful business model – when implemented correctly – can truly take you from 0 to 60 on the income scale faster than you can imagine!

I believe every one of us is here for a reason and a purpose … and it’s MY passion, MY mission, to help YOU live yours.

To that end, with Passion for the Impossible, you:

  • Create a rock solid business plan, and take concrete action steps to implement it.

  • Identify and define your target market, so you can go straight to the people who genuinely want and need what you’re selling.

  • Learn the TRUTH behind effective marketing … so you attract your ideal clients, engage with them, become their solution, and supercharge your growth profits.

  • Obtain a SIGNIFICANTLY higher number of qualified, targeted leads, which translates to MORE profits.

  • Teach your team EXACTLY how they too can achieve their dreams. (Pass the torch, and pay it forward!)

  • Leverage the power of the internet to catapult your results (and income!)

You CAN make BIG money – the modern way.
And you CAN live the impossible dream!

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